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Welcome to The Wiki for Nonsense and Absurdity!

"µÖµVαµÖrÇÆÆÖÈÆÇø̵ÈƀŴŷŨµÖƋƅÇËȟȄȁųȣøȥȐȩȟȥȤȓȆȅȃȄƆƊſƀȦȁͶρΤϚϋΫΛȡūȩǧçÃƵ" --Tali64³

This wiki is for nonsensical humor.

What is nonsensical humor?

Nonsensical humor is defined as the following:

  1. Content with little to no discernable value (e.g. "dohjkuj43rftrnuoirpew[o-ed0349irnwkhcotsp[-]er;'sldkcjuirtop[eflskojcuihsgbrto0f");
  2. Content that is over-the-top and/or is not grounded in reality (e.g. "The evil space blocks from Mars are invading China!!!!!!!");
  3. Content that is intended to be humorous, but has significant differences from "traditional" humor.

The Illogicopedia page has good examples of all three.


  1. In line with Miraheze's Content Policy, avoid posting the following types of content:
    • Commercial spam (content that encourages readers to buy a product).
    • Any content that is illegal in the United Kingdom.
    • Hateful content (content that is intended to attack/promote harassment towards a person or group of people).
    • Sexual content involving minors (content involving any person under 18 in moderate to extreme sexual situations). This includes written content, real images, and animated/fictional images.
  2. Articles may also be deleted at admin discretion if they do not fit the criteria for nonsensical humor defined above.
  3. Be nice and follow the Global Conduct Policy. Avoid doing the following:
    • Harassing other users. This includes the following: intimidation, personal attacks, and disclosing someone's personal information without their consent. Casting aspersions and making false accusations is also not allowed.
    • Making threats towards other users (such as death threats and threats of injury/violence).

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